Skin Whitening Moisturizing Toner for Sensitive Skin


Skin Whitening and Moisturizer Toner for Skin, this Whitening remedy one of the most effective and very simple home remedy.

Today I am sharing with you very simple steps of skin whitener recipe that is idle for dry and sensitive skins. This works as a natural moisturizer as well as a toner.

Moisturizing Toner For Sensitive Skin

So for that, you need:

  • One-fourth cup of milk
  • Glycerin

skin whitening
Procedure: add a tablespoon of glycerin to the milk and mix it.

How to use: Take a cotton ball, soaked in the solution and wipe your skin. You can use it as a toner or you can use it as a moisturizer.

skin whitening

How to use skin whitening moisturizing toner

You can apply this solution at night and in the morning you can wash it off to get bright, smooth and lighter skin too.

Milk contains skin lately nutrients and vitamins that give you all the floor live and a fairer skin tone and Glycerin moisturizes and soften your skin.

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