Skin Pigmentation Causes Prevention and Treatments

Are you looking for Natural Skin pigmentation causes prevention and Treatments Remedies? First, we must know What is Pigmentation and How does it occur? Pigmentation or Hyper-pigmentation is a term that we use to describe dark spots or patches or even darkening of the skin. In the upper layer of skin, we have a certain cell which has pigment cells and are called melanocytes and these produce a certain pigment called melanin. This is evenly distributed in the skin and gives all of us color that we are normally possess.

Darkening the skin due to many factors both external and internal at any time in our lives. Most common external causes of pigmentation are ultraviolet radiation or sunlight and one of commonest internal causes is hormones, especially in the women any of these factors can increase the pigmentation cells in the skin or actually activate the cells to produce more melanin.

Best Banana face Pack as Skin Pigmentation Remedies

How we can use Banana pace pack as Natural skin pigmentation remedies? This fruit pack home remedy works as a natural exfoliate and it helps to cleanse the skin. This is very effective for skin pigmentation or removing the dark brown spot from your face and skin. If you will use this face pack for daily it will help you lighten your dark spot. This fruit pack will take away your dark spot and blemishes and you will get original shiny skin color naturally.

Banana face pack for skin pigmentation causes prevention and Treatment

To make this face pack you need

  1. 1 small banana
  2. Child milk
  3. Raw Honey

Skin Pigmentation Causes Prevention and Treatments

Prepare And Use Method
First pilled the banana and smash it with help of the fork, smash it very well to get the nice paste. It will take a couple of minutes to smash it properly. Once it smashes properly add one tablespoon of child milk and add honey around a half tablespoon. Mix all the ingredients nicely so you will get the smooth mixture. Then Your fruit pack will ready to use.

To apply you can use your hand or with help of a brush, apply the thick clear of past on to affected area or entire face. Once you apply this pack on your face let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off it with normal water.

Skin Pigmentation Causes Prevention and Treatments

Banana is rich with Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and potassium, all the vitamin and nutrition works wonder for the skin treatment. Presence of Vitamin E in banana is very helpful for fading away all types of spots and blemishes from your skin.

Use this Exfoliate and get rid of Hyperpigmentation in 7 days