How Tomato helps to get rid of Brown Skin Spot, Drark Skin Spot Naturally


Remove Brown Spots on Face -Tomato Mask for get rid of brown skin spot, Dark Spots

Tomato is miracle ingredients it helps for get rid of Spots, Brown spots, Dark Spots.
To prepare this for these mask ingredients that you need is

  1. Sandalwood powder
  2. Fresh tomato juice
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – This is for those who have oily or acne porn skin they can use Apple cider vinegar.
  4. Rose Water- This is for those who have dry or sensitive skin they can use Rose water instead to Apple cider vinegar.

Remove Brown Spots on Face

Home made Facial mask is very effective way to Remove Brown Spots on Face

Prepare Method: Take around a table spoon of sandalwood powder in a small clean bowl, add fresh tomato juice around two tea spoons and add small tea spoon of apple cider vinegar or Rose water depending upon your skin types. Mix it well all the ingredients to get tomato mask ready.

Brown Skin Spot

How to Use: Apply thick clear of paste on the affected area. Let it seat about 10 minutes and then wash off with cool water. Those who are using rose water then can leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

But if you use apple cider vinegar then leave it for maximum 7 to 10 minutes.
Use this pack every alternate day for up to 10 days to eliminate all spots from your face and gives you clear flawless skin.

Do you know Tomato Face Mask helps Acne Treatment forever..