How to get rid of dark spots on Face Naturally: First beauty tips share with you Four Ways to remove Dark Mark on skin naturally. This is a Very effective and simple organic remedy that will help you get rid of black and dark spots brown spots on face quickly. It will help you achieve smoother fairs and lighter skin tone naturally.

How to get rid of dark spots on Face

Les get started with first home remedy with facial massage

1. Face massage gel

For the face massage gel you need following ingredients;

  1. Olive oil
  2. Honey
  3. Slice of lemon

How to get rid of dark spots on face

Prepare this Remedy: In a small clean bowl take Olive Oil around 2 teaspoons, Ad honey around 1 teaspoon and squeeze lemon over it. After that, your ingredients are ready to mix. So mix it well now your face massage gel is ready to use. Before apply on your face just wife your face with lukewarm water and then take a small amount of face massage gel and gently massage your face for about 2 to 3 minutes. Let it sit about 5 minutes then wipe it off with cotton soaked with lukewarm water. This face massage contains citric acid, vitamin C which is bleached your skin and honey contain antioxidant it faiths away dark spots and black spots on the face.

By using this face massage gel for a week dramatically lightens your skin tones and helps reviles Dark Marks and give you spotless soften and younger looking skin.

How to get rid of dark spots on Face

Second home remedy

2. Skin Polishing Scrub 
This is a very powerful home remedy who suffering from black spot, brown spots and any kind of spots. Using this remedy it will lighten your dark spots, black spots and brown spots on face.

The ingredient that you need for this

How to get rid of dark spots on face

  1. Coffee powder
  2. Coconut Oil

Prepare this remedy: in a small clean bowl take 2 tablespoons of coffee powder (better use organic coffee powder) and ad a teaspoon of coconut oil. Now mix it well once gets ready you can use it.

Before use, this remedy wipes your face with lukewarm water so that poles can open. Just take the small amount of coffee scrub and gently massage your face two to three minutes and wash with cool water. Coffee is great exploiter it purifies the skin and it also contains an antioxidant that eliminates browns spots, dark spots, dark spots and helps you reveal more smother ageless skin.

The 3rd home remedy for How to get rid of dark spots on face

3. Clear fairness Toner to remove Dark Marks
In this remedy, First Beauty Tips share with you very easy effective homemade toner that is Clear fairness Toner that will help you get rid of dark spots, brown spots, black spots very easy and quick.

To prepare Clear fairness Toner that you need the following ingredients:

How to get rid of dark spots on face

  1. Apple cider Vinegar
  2. Rosewater

In a small bowl take a small teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add 3 teaspoons of Rosewater. And now mix it well and your Clear Fairness Toner is ready to use. So to use this solution just take a cotton ball soaked in the solution and gently tab on your face. Let it sit dry it completely and then wash off it with cool water. Apple cider vinegar rich in vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, enzymes and antioxidant. Which helps to faith away from those black spots, the black mark on your face. Rose water gives you a clear and glowing skin.

The 4th Home remedy for How to get rid of dark spots on face lightening face pack remedy to clear Dark Marks

How to get rid of dark spots on face

  1. For this, you need the following ingredients
  2. Yastimadhu powder
  3. Curd or yogurt
  4. Essential oil (Orange essential oil or lemon essential oil)

Prepare this cream: in a small clean bowl take small two teaspoons of Yastimadhu powder, add a tablespoon of curd, and few drops of essential oil around 4 to 5 drops.
Mix it well and now ready to use. Apply a thick clear of this past and let it sit about 20-25 minutes and then wash off it with cool water.

This is a very effective pack, it helps lighten dark marks on your face. The curd is rich in enzymes and lactic acid that lighten brown, dark spots and also helps remove discoloration.

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