Most Effective Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Skin, Black skin

skin lightening cream

How to make Natural Skin Lightening Cream,
Here’s I am going to teach you how to make Fairness and Skin Lightening Cream.

How you can make skin lightening cream at your home.

1. First Remedy


  1. 1 small table spoon fresh lemon juice
  2. Rose water
  3. Sandal wood powder
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Aloe Vera Gel

Take 1 small table spoon of lemon juice, 3 small table spoon of rose water. Combine the rose water with lemon juice. Add sandal wood around 1 small table spoon and mix it after that filter that solution. Now you get blend of pure sandal wood power, rose water and lemon juice.

Skin lightening Cream

Now add around 1 small table spoon of Olive oil. Olive Oil is amazing skin moisturizer as well as skin lightener. You can also use sweet almond oil, and 2 table spoon of gel of Aloe Vera, So no combine all the ingredients to get the desired consistent that is a cream liqueur consistent.

So this sandalwood skin lightening cream or you can say fairness cream is now ready to use.

To get best result apply this cream after wiping your face with rose water. Use cotton to wipe face with rose water. This natural fairness cream can work miracles in lightening your skin, removing freckles, dark sports and in achieving a blemish free, clear, softens and fairer skin tone. It illuminates your complexion and the sandalwood contained in this pack, it clear that all kind of blemishes it removed also pigmentation and gives you a amazingly brighter and lighter skin too.

2. Second Remedy

Aloe Vera Skin Lightening Cream

This is very useful remedy of Aloe Vera that how can we brighten and whiten our skin with Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is known as miracle plant it gives multiple Vitamins, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and it also contains Vitamin b1, Vitamin b2, Vitamin b3, Vitamin b6, and b12. It contains twenty different minerals that give you amazing fairness and glue. Aloe Vera gel contains 99% water so it instantly hydrates suits nourishes moisturizes and revitalizes the skin.

Aloe Vera skin lightening caream
Here is natural ways to whiten skin with use Aloe Vera Gel. Let’s find out how you can brighten and whiten your skin with miracle gel.

This is very effective easy and natural way to whiten and brighten your skin. Blend of three powerful ingredients Aloe Vera, Coconut milk and Vitamin E skin Oil.

So let’s get started with  with Aloe Vera whitening serum, Ingredients that you need for Aloe Vera Whitening Serum

  1. Fresh Aloe Vera Gel (Use extracted gel from fresh leaf)
  2. Coconut milk (if you don’t have coconut milk also you can use normal row milk)
    Vitamin E skin Oil

Prepare and use Method:
First you need clean bowl, add two tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera gel, add two teaspoon of coconut milk and add Vitamin E skin oil around two teaspoon. Combined all the ingredients well, you can also blended all these ingredients together. Now your Aloe Vera Whitening serum is ready to use.

Take a small amount of Aloe Vera serum on your palm and massage it into your skin. Let it sit for about one hour and then wash off it with cool water.
It’s not only improved the skin tone but also moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles fine lines and gives you amazing glue.

Note:- You can store whitening serum in refrigerator for up to 6 to 7 days.

How Tomato helps to get rid of Brown Skin Spot, Drark Skin Spot Naturally

Tomato Mask for get rid of brown skin spot, Dark Spots

Tomato is miracle ingredients it helps for get rid of Spots, Brown spots, Dark Spots.
To prepare this for these mask ingredients that you need is

  1. Sandalwood powder
  2. Fresh tomato juice
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – This is for those who have oily or acne porn skin they can use Apple cider vinegar.
  4. Rose Water- This is for those who have dry or sensitive skin they can use Rose water instead to Apple cider vinegar.

Brown skin spot

Home made Facial mask is very effective way to get rid of Brown skin Spot

Prepare Method: Take around a table spoon of sandalwood powder in a small clean bowl, add fresh tomato juice around two tea spoons and add small tea spoon of apple cider vinegar or Rose water depending upon your skin types. Mix it well all the ingredients to get tomato mask ready.

Brown Skin Spot

How to Use: Apply thick clear of paste on the affected area. Let it seat about 10 minutes and then wash off with cool water. Those who are using rose water then can leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.

But if you use apple cider vinegar then leave it for maximum 7 to 10 minutes.
Use this pack every alternate day for up to 10 days to eliminate all spots from your face and gives you clear flawless skin.

Do you know Tomato Face Mask helps Acne Treatment forever..

Use this Best Whitening Cream for Remove Dark spot on Face

Dark Spot remover whitening cream

Dark Spot on face Remover and whitening Cream

Excellent homemade lemon face cream that will help you to get rid of dark spots, dark marks and will also help whiten your skin. This cream helps to soft and nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

Whitening Cream

Ingredients that you need:

  1. Fresh Lemon – Lemon contains mild bleaching properties and vitamin C that boost your skin brightness and help to get rid of spots and pigmentation.
  2. Rose Water – it contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, it helps to lighten spots heals acne and imparts youthful glow.
  3. Shea Butter – Shea butter is ideal for all skin types, it contains Vitamins A, E and that keeps your skin clear. It helps to heal fine line and wrinkles. Those who don’t have Shea butter they can use Coco Butter or Mango butter.
  4. Vitamin E oil – this is important for antioxidant that reduces scars and appearance of spots.
  5. Essential Oil – you can either use Lemon essential oil or orange essential oil or lemon grass essential oil or even you can also use rose essential oil or grapefruit essential oil. Try to use any one of this essential oil.
  6. A clean container to store your Cream

Dark Spot remover
Let’s Starts Preparation method by using all that ingredients

Just take a ¼ slice of lemon and squeeze it on small clean container. You can use just small teaspoon of lemon juice. Then add two teaspoon of rose water and mix it well and keep a side.

Whitening Cream for Dark spot
Take another bowl and take one big tablespoon of Shea Butter and melt it. Use heat proof bowl to melt Shea butter. Once Shea butter is melt then mix the solution of lemon juice and rose water
with melted butter and gently stair the solution. Then add vitamin E oil around small teaspoon and finally add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil and mix it well.

Dark Spot
Allow this solution to cool down completely to get thick creamy and smooth consistency. Once it is ready just transfer to clean container. Texture of this cream is very soft and smooth.

How to use lemon face cream:
To use this cream first wipe your skin with cotton socked in rose water. Take a small amount of this cream and massage into your clean face.

Dark Spot
This cream rich in antioxidants, Vitamins A , C and E that provides protection form aging skin lighten your pigmentation, dark spot and gives you spot free more fairer and clear. It also gives your skin soft and supple, gives you free of acne Dark spot and marks. Use these remedy up to 7 days to see visible difference and share your results with your friends.

Use this Natural remedy to remove Blackheads 

Ubtan Beauty Pack recipe for skin whitening and softening

Skin hydrating face mask

Ubtan Beauty Pack recipe is best skin whitening remedy that you can try this winter, so let’s get start

First I am going to share with you Fairness Skin softening Ubtan Beauty Pack that you can make at home. For that you need:

  • Curd
  • Turmeric
  • Organic Coconut Oil

Ubtan beauty pack
Procedure: Ad small table spoon turmeric with curd and small table spoon coconut oil rush into this. Combine all the ingredients and it is ready to use.

Now what you have to is take a Brush, deep into this mixture and make sure and apply to any exposed area for body late again applied on these big hands and legs too.

Ubtan Beauty Pack Recipe for skin Lightening

Ubtan Beauty pack

Lactic acid in curd many treat into adult conservative and give you and reveal of naturally lighter and smoother complexion and Turmeric contain Layton properties and also contain anti aging properties that gives clear skin tone and Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E that gives you softer and smoother skin too.

Ubtan Beauty Pack

Apply this mixture 10 minutes before the bath and use it regularly for up to 10 days to get a naturally lighter and smoother skin.

How to Remove Wrinkle and Fine Lines from your face

Skin Whitening Moisturizing Toner for Sensitive Skin

Skin Whitening and Moisturizer Toner for Skin, this Whitening remedy one of the most effective and very simple home remedy.

Today i am sharing with you very simple steps of skin whitener recipe that is idle for dry and sensitive skins. This works as a natural moisturizer as well as a toner.

So for that you need:

  • One-fourth cup of milk
  • Glycerin

skin whitening
Procedure: add a table spoon of glycerin to the milk and mix it.

How to use: Take cotton ball, soaked in the solution and wipe your skin. You can use it as a toner or you can use it as a moisturizer.

skin whitening

How to use skin whitening moisturizing toner

You can apply this solution at night and the morning you can wash it off to get bright, smooth and lighter skin too.

Milk contains skin lately nutrients and vitamins that gives you all the floor live and a fairer skin tone and Glycerin moisturizes and soften your skin.

How to make skin whitening cream

How to Make Skin Repair Beauty Detox Drink

Make skin Scrub for glowing and Fairness at your own home

Intense skin smoothing & skin Scrub
For this first beauty tips recipe you can find Natural, Simple creamy excluder Tips. Because in winter your skin needs exfoliation to get rid of those dead skin cells without making your skin dry. Odds scrub in the house is remarkably effective in cleaning, moisturizing, softening, healing and polishing skin. Due to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, porridge is highly effective for the treatment of acne and for soothing sensitive skin. Odds helps to improve the skin’s glow, lubricity and texture due to its nature and exfoliating properties.

xfoliater Skin Lightener
Odds other perfect choice for it.

skin Scrub

Procedure: take a table spoon of odds powder in your hands , and table spoon of Lukewarm water.Now gently combined it.

skin Scrub

How to use: Scrub this mixture on your face about two minutes then wash off it with cool water. Screaming expletives a must try all skin types. If you have a dry or overly sensitive skin then instead of lukewarm water you can use milk.

Body Bleach skin Scrub from Oatmeal

This body bleach scrub will Refine your skin and smooth it with refreshing, shiny, light. It also cleans the skin tone by getting rid of deep patches, especially in those areas where thighs, knees, elbows, underarms and butt. This scrub fade natural skin bleaching agents and the speed of the skin whitening process.

Ingredients that you will require for oatmeal bleach scrub: 


Thin ground oatmeal about 2 tsp

Sandalwood powder about 1 tsp

Fresh Orange Juice about 4 tsp

Any citrus essential oil 2 drops (optional)

Take a small clean bowl put all the ingredients in it and mix all together then store it in container. Make sure you have air tight container.  Before apply this scrub wash your body with lukewarm water then apply the scrub on effected area of your body and gently scrub in circular motion, after 5 minutes wash off it with cold water after that apply some body lotion.

How to Make Skin Lightener Hydrating Moisture Face Mask