what food to eat to lose Belly Fat? Lose 2 kg in Five Days

Green Juice helps to lose Belly Fat and Get ride of belly fat within Five Days

This is Amazing delicious nutritious extremely healthy weight loss remedy. The miracle green juice helps you to lose your weight two kilos in just 5 Days.
From last 7 days I have been following this remedy that I found a significant difference in my body. That’s why I am excited to share with you this remedy.
You need following ingredients to prepare the green juice

green juice lose Belly Fat

  1. Small bowl of fresh mint leaf – Mint is refreshing it helps release in digestion stress
  2. Medium sized of cucumber – Cucumber contains detoxifying and cleansing effect on the body. This is naturally cooling and high nutrients, low in calories so it helps for weight loss.
  3. Aloe Vera gel– You can use fresh Aloe Vera gel extracted from Aloe Vera leaf. Encase if you don’t have fresh Aloe Vera gel you can use ready- made Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is one of the best body cleanser it removes the toxins form the body; it helps water retention and fat accumulation.
  4. Celery – It is highly nutritious extremely low in calories rich in fiber and full of water that keep you feeling full for longer time and help prevent over weighting. It also helps for digestion lowers your cholesterol level and prevents Diabetes.
  5. Ginger – Ginger is slimming roots it helps weight loss improve digestion and also helps for reducing belly fat.
  6. Lemon – Lemon is fat fighting food it contains valuable nutrients, antioxidants, fiber that improve digestion and help in fat burning.
  7. Honey– Honey discourages fat storage and gives you a boost of energy.
  8. Chat Masala – this is optional you can use it just for taste.

Green juice Belly Fat

Green Juice Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat and get your get flat Belly

Green Juice Prepare and Use Method:
Before adding the ingredients make sure peel off the cucumber and cut into small paces then put into grinder, add all ingredients together fresh mint leaf , celery , ginger and 2 spoon of fresh lemon gel into grinder. Add 1 and half glass of water and grind all this ingredients together. After grind the ingredients filter the juice then add freshly squeeze lemon juice.

Belly Fat

Take a glass of green juice add honey around a teaspoon, and small teaspoon of chat masala. Now weight loss green juice is ready to drink. You can have this juice along with the apple hand handful of walnuts and almonds.

Replace your breakfast with this diet plan for five days to get be the result. This whole combination is low in calories it feels the body with vitamins minerals nutrients antioxidants protein enzymes and fiber that gives boost of high energy to your body, help get rid of toxins, promotes fullness for a longer period of time and help you lose weight.

4 Simple Ways to Lose Weight

4 Ways to Lose Weight and Belly Fat in a Week Naturally

Lose Weight Fast

Hello are you looking for weight loss remedy. This is very useful organic and natural powerful remedy to get flat stomach plus lose your weight in a week. Simple but powerful effective remedy that you can follow at night to get slim waistline and lose weight to. So let’s get started.

Lose Belly Fat

4 powerful home remedy to weight lose and get stomach flat. You can choose one which best suits with your body type : – 1. Lose weight Natural Remedy for Acidity and Hyper acidity , 2. Lose weight Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure , 3. Lose weight Natural Remedy for Diabetes , 4. Lose weight Natural Remedy for those with No Health Concerns

1. Lose weight Natural Remedy for Acidity and Hyper acidity : – Those suffering from Acidity and Hyper acidity problem they can follow this home remedy. First you need a glass of hot water, Mint leaf (grinned as fine past with adding water), Ginger past, and Black paper powder.

Weight lose fast

How to prepare: :- Add a small teaspoon ginger past with glass of water, add two table spoon of mint leaf paste with water, Add small half teaspoon of paper power and combine it.

Mint contained in this drink to help relief of acidity it improves digestion, ginger and pepper it dissolves fat and boost metabolism. Trained this every morning to get rid of stomach fact and lose weight.

2. Lose weight Natural Remedy for High Blood Pressure :- it is those are suffering from high blood pressure. To prepare this remedy that you need glass of hot water and apple cider vinegar. Add table spoon of apple cider vinegar with hot water. Drink this every morning to get rid of stomach fact and lose weight.

Weight lose fast
Apple Cider vinegar helps to reduction of tummy fat and also helps to weight loss. It is rich in victim fiber and antioxidants that boos metabolism and cut down the fat accumulated in your body.

3. Lose weight Natural Remedy for Diabetes :- This remedy is those are suffering from Diabetes problem. To prepare this weight lose remedy that you need a glass of hot water, slice of lemon, black paper and ginger paste.

Weight lose fast
How to prepare: first add just a small teaspoon of ginger paste with water, squeeze the lemon, and add just a half small teaspoon of black pepper powder and mix it well. Hot water with ginger and pepper is a ideal remedy to lose fat for those suffering from diabetes problem. It improves digestion and glucose levels; it boosts immunity and dissolved the fact accumulated in your body.

4. Lose weight Natural Remedy for those with No Health Concerns :- This remedy is for those who do not have any health issue, so to prepare this weight lose remedy that you need glass of hot water, slice of lemon and honey.
Add small tablespoon of hone and then squeeze lemon to the hot water. Drink this water every morning to clean your system to flush away those harmful toxins from your body, to boost energy in immunity and to get rid of those excesses fat from your body.

Weight lose fast

As you can see all these are fat burning foods, this is what you have to take for breakfast, A cup of tea,  10-12 Almonds,  2 apples

You’re having small apple and consume two and if you are having a large apple consume one. This is best weight loss food it helps to slim down your body. It contains water soluble fiber and that act as natural fact blocker and it also contains fiver known as cellulose that detoxify your body it flush those harmful toxins from your body and helps to weight loss.

Weight lose fast
Green tea is excellent fat melting beverage it loaded with antioxidant that helps boos metabolism increases fat burning and weight loss agents.
Almonds is good source of day-trip fiber they prevent the risk o heart disease also prevents sugar carving and hunger pangs and it also contains proteins that gives you energy and help us in weight loss. This makes perfect low calories food. This Two types of Juice will help Quick weightloss