acne scar treatment

Acne scar Treatment :This 5 natural remedy for acne scar treatment and any kind of marks flush from your skin and lighten your skin color naturally. I am going to share with you 5 natural remedies to get rid of these problems. So let’s get started ,

Remedy 1.This remedy is effective and the most powerful face pack to remove scars, Dark marks and also lighten your skin.
Prepare this pack you need:

2 teaspoon of Cucumber juice
3 teaspoon of wheat flour
Tulsee leafs past (Tulsee leaf is blended with little water)

Acne Scars Treatment
Mix all this ingredients and combined it, ones this past is ready, wash your face with Luke warm water and apply this pack. Leave it until it rise completely and remove by gently rubbing in a circular motion. Then wash off it with cool water.


Remedy 2. this remedy is very easy remedy, it’s like a toner. For that you need two natural ingredients.

Apple cider vinegar
Half of lemon

Acne Scars Treatment

Take a cup of water and add apple cider vinegar around 2 tablespoon. And squeeze the lemon and mix it well. Once it ready pore this solution into ice cube tray, and then freeze it. Take a daily one ice cube and rub on your face 1 to 2 minute. Let it set for about 5 minutes and wash with cool water.
It works as natural toner for your skin it gives refreshing glued to your skin and also removes dark marks, pimple marks or any scars from your skin. It also controls skin pigmentation and gives you a naturally lighter skin to. For the best result use it twice daily in a day.

Remedy 3. Ingredients that you need are:

Sandalwood powder
Rose water
2 tablespoon of neems powder

Acne Scars Treatment

Neem and sandalwood both are good for acne and oily skin and also help to lightening your skin tone. Mix the Neem and sandalwood powder and add rose water and combined it and make it past. Apply this thick clear and wash off it with cool water once it dry.

Both Neem and sandalwood powder contains anti-inflammatory antiseptic and antibacterial properties that helps in reducing acne scars and pimple marks and also sandalwood powder it act as natural skin lightening agent and gives you clear and a fairer skin to. So to get the best results for acne scar treatment use this daily for up to 7 days.

Remedy 4 for acne scar treatment. for this remedy you need following ingredients

Cucumber gel
Olive oil

Acne Scars Treatment

Take small bowl and take one teaspoon of cucumber gel and one tea spoon of olive oil. Just combine the ingredients well. You can mix a little bit moisturizer or night cream to. After ready the past massage your skin with this paste. Using it regularly it give terrific glow on your skin, it lighten your acne scar, remove marks from your skin and also remove dark circle and dark batches form your skin. So for best result Use it regularly.

Remedy 5. for this remedy you need following ingredients

Fresh curd

acne scar treatment

Prepare: in a small bowl take 3 table spoon of Curd, 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoon of honey. Combine all this ingredients well.
Wash your face with Luke warm water then apply 2 to 3 layer of this pack, and live until it rise completely. When removing it use upper direction using cotton socked in Luke warm water. Using it regularly will for acne scar treatment mark free and pimple free skin, and also give you a clear and fairer skin to.

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